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The Instantical growth service for Instagram

Mastering Instagram

The first impression matters

Give the best possible first impression online. Remember, you have the opportunity to easily reach millions of people on Instagram!

Social Proof = Credibility

Having a high number of real, engaged followers who like your pictures and comment on them makes you look successful and more attractive.

Use the power of automation

Focus on your main goals and outsource the growth of your Instagram channel to an efficient, automated cloud-solution.

Let the magic happen

With our service you will get hard results: Continuous, high-quality growth for your Instagram channel.

How it works

Gain Followers on Autopilot

Follow real users, let them follow back and unfollow them afterwards. Fully automated, no action required.

Adjustable targeting system

Select Locations, Hashtags or big Accounts that you want to target with the automation.

Like Engagement Booster

All automated accounts like each others pictures. This ensures your new pictures are favored by the Instagram algorithm and get shown higher in your followers' feed as well as on the explore page.

Comment Exchange

Gain access to our personal comments exchange group on Slack. Same as with Likes this has a positive influence on the Instagram algorithm and provides more credibility & social proof for you.


The service runs automatically, it's a hands-off experience for you.

Active community

A large group of committed users has evolved around Instantical.

Our service plans

Choose the plan which fits the purpose of your account best. If you take photos with a professional camera and have a commercial interest, please select the Influencer plan or the Business plan.


Get Started!


Get Started!


Get Started!

Our Team

A powerful combination of Russian computer knowledge, German reliability, Asian endurance and American customer service mentality.

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Vinny Shrader

aka 'IG Casanova'
Marketing Partner
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Kate Williams

Customer Support
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Eric Chang

General Manager
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Igor Setschin

Software Developer