Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we strive to match you with real people who can become potential customers and engaged followers via Instagram. Fake followers will never result into a sale and we would never waste our time or your money on them.

Depending on the package you choose your account can follow from 600-2,000 users at the same time. We avoid quick fluctuation in these numbers so everything looks organic. Your family, friends, and personal acquaintances won’t be unfollowed subject to your discretion.
No, your Instagram feed stays the way it is. Our automation tool automatically mutes each user it follows. This way it is ensured that you won't notice any changes in your daily use of instagram.
All people that you follow before starting our service will automatically be whitelisted and not unfollowed.
As it’s an automatic process we cannot guarantee that every single follower is a quality follower. However, as we use sophisticated analysis and filtering systems we always strive to attract followers who match your target description best. Our gender filters for example reach an accuracy of around 90%.
Of course, we all know that businesses change and personal users travel, and that our clients’ needs will change with this. However, we are only able to change the targets once a month due to the time it takes to see results. Throughout your campaign we can work together to make small changes, your success is always our priority.
Social media platforms set hourly limits to help alleviate spam. By going through this process manually you run the risk of having your account suspended. Setting up an automatic system is much more efficient and gives you back time to spend on your business or personal life.
Your actions will be limited as ‘normal interaction’. This means that excessive interaction combined with our service is not allowed. We highly recommend answering direct messages and comments personally. All other interactions should be limited to the bare minimum.
If you unfollow someone they won’t receive a notification, instead they will need to check this manually. As we only choose to work with high quality accounts and focus on your target audience, we are sure you will find this method a positive experience.
Yes, we do not post any content on your behalf. Please have a look at our Blog to get inspiration for future content.
To work in harmony with our well-tailored strategy we certainly encourage quality posts over quantity. However, the number of posts will vary from client to client depending on your needs.

To make the most of our service there needs to be an audience we can tap into on social media. We also only work with profiles that have quality content. Our services ensure that you utilize the full potential that your Instagram channel offers.

We accept all major debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) as well as PayPal. For payments with cryptocurrencies or manual bank transfer please contact our Support .

We offer our services on a monthly subscription basis. If you cancel we will immediately stop all activity on your account, the remaining time expires. However if you only want to pause the service you can contact us beforehand and resume it at a later time.

Simply click on the 'Log In' button on top of the page to access your dashboard, select your subscription and click 'cancel'. If you have any questions regarding this you can send us an email to contact@instantical.com .

Your security is very important to us and we pride ourselves on having a completely secure platform. We require your password to establish a connection with Instagram and execute the automated actions on your behalf.

As Instagram is connected to your email and phone number there is no way anyone can change this without Instagram asking for your permission. You can also change your password at any time which blocks our system from accessing your account. We always encrypt and safeguard our client’s passwords as your security is our priority. For more information please take a look at Trust & Safety .

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