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We invite you for a one week FREE Trial of our service!

***Limited to the first 100 participants. Only this September.***

**No payment details required.**

*You can invite a friend for the FREE Trial and earn another free week of service for yourself.*

  • This is the future gentlemen, like it or not. Get on board or be left behind.

  • ~ Cr33pin

Sign up for the FREE Trial

Make sure to mention your Instagram username + password during the sign-up process as well as an email address where we can easily reach you. If a friend has referred you, please mention his Instagram username so we can credit him a free week for the referral.

Specify target locations that you want the automation to target. For example you can target Instagram users in New York, Spain or users in Eastern Europe. Best if you select multiple target locations to make sure that the automation never runs out of new targets.

Start your free trial now!

Invite a friend to sign up for a FREE Trial as well and get another FREE week of service yourself

You can easily earn more FREE weeks of service for yourself:

1. Simply explain our service to your friends and make sure they sign up for a FREE Trial as well.

2. Tell them to mention your Instagram username or your email address during sign-up (field: 'Let us know if a friend has referred you').

3. We issue credits for a FREE bonus week to your account and confirm every referral by sending you an email.


Terms & Conditions for the FREE Trial

The offer is limited to the first 100 participants and will last till that number is reached or maximum till 30th September 2018.

Every user may participate only once.

The duration of the FREE Trial is one week from the time of sign-up, eventhough Instantical may take up to 36h to activate the service.

Spam accounts, obvious fake accounts or accounts misused for other non-intended purposes are excluded from the FREE Trial.

Instantical reserves the right to end the FREE Trial promotion at any time without advance notice.

At the end of the FREE Trial the service will seamlessly convert to a standard paid subscription with the price of 9.97$ if the participant wants to continue using the service and provides payment details.

The participant can cancel the service at any time by clicking 'Log In' >> selecting the subscription >> 'cancel' .

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to comply with the Instagram T&Cs. Instantical is not liable for any damages.

We handle all personal information of the participants, including login data, securely according to our Trust & Safety principles.

Our general Terms of Service as well as our Privacy Policy apply.

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