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Most important information


Instantical for Instagram


Powerful automation service to grow your Instagram channel


Instantical is a Software-as-a-Service to promote and grow Instagram channels. It was designed to give users the opportunity to grow their Instagram channels easily by automatically interacting with precisely-targeted real people.

Trusted by 600 + personal & professional users. Used by such companies as Conor Acquisitions, Popular Demand, GRP Capital, National Hospitality Consulting Group, IG Casanova and Reisetopia.

Most important features:

  1. Follow/Unfollow automation: Automatically follows up to 800 persons a day, gives them 24h to follow back and then unfollows them

    Average follow-back rate: 20% -> up to 100+ new followers per day

  2. Adjustable targeting system: Select #hashtags, Locations or big accounts as sources for the automation.

    For example choose to automatically interact with people in New York, people who have used #travelgram or people who follow @cristiano_ronaldo. Filtering by Gender is also possible.

  3. Like Engagement Boost: All accounts that run on the automation like each others pictures.

    This gives up to 1000+ likes per picture which leads to a better position in the followers feed and on the 'explore' page.

  4. Comment Exchange group: Leave comments under other users pictures and get comments for your own pictures in return.

    This gives up to 20+ additional comments per picture which also supports the ranking score for the feed.

  5. Easy to set up: Only Email, Instagram username+password and payment details needed.

  6. Active community: Exchanging lots of ideas how to improve even further

  7. Dedicated Priority Support for commercial users available

  8. The service was built with account safety in mind: As of today not a single customer's account has been suspended.

  9. Available for Personal use, Celebrities, Models, Bloggers, Influencers and Businesses

Example usage:

  1. Personal use: Optimizing your Instagam channel for online dating. Getting social-proof to increase the perceived value when girls look at the profile during day game. Automatically getting girls attention for online game. Replacing Tinder+ as dating tool.

  2. Celebrities, Models: Increasing the own reach and popularity to get more well-paid assignments.

  3. Bloggers, Influencers: Increasing the own reach and popularity to get sponsored cooperations with companies.

  4. Businesses: Getting the attention of potential customers for the fraction of the price of advertisments.

About Instagram

  1. The most popular social-network for people in the age group 16-35

  2. More than 800 Million active users worldwide. Highest average engagement of all social networks.

  3. Focussed on user-generated media such as photos and short videos. Ideal to showcase yourself or your business.

Most important free resources:

  1. Instantical - Tutorials

  2. Instantical - Blog


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Instantical automation

Example growth statistics

Growth Statistics

Example inbox - personal use for online dating

Inbox Personal

Tinder Plus versus Instagram+Instantical comparison

Tinder vs. Instantical

Example inbox - commercial use as an Influencer

Inbox Influencer

Instantical Office - Hong Kong

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