Tutorial: Personal Instagram account setup

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To setup & optimize your personal Instagram account with Instantical you need to follow 6 simple steps:

Step 1 - Create a new Instagram account or log in to your existing one

Go to the instagram.com website or download the Instagram app from your App Store.

We recommend that you use your already existing account. Of course you can also setup a new one if you wish so.

Step 2 - Choose a profile picture+name that set you apart from the competition

During sign up you have to choose a profile name for your account, if you use your existing one you can still change it. Avoid abbreviations, numbers, . and _ in your name.

The same also applies for your profile picture. It should express your best side and make viewers curious even when people can just see the small version of it.

Step 3 - Write a biography for your profile

You have a 150-letter limit. Use it wisely! Don't waste it for unnecessary, boring information. Instead mention the most important key points why you are a high-value person.

Step 4 - Sign up for the Instantical growth automation service

Go to instantical.com/index.html#pricing and sign up for the Instantical Personal plan.

Make sure to mention your Instagram username + password during the sign-up process as well as an email where we can easily reach you. If a friend has referred you, please mention his Instagram username so we can credit him a free bonus week for the referral. Of course you can talk to your friends yourself as well to earn one free bonus week for each one you refer to us.

Select a target location/group that you want the automation to target. For example you can target Instagram users in New York, users who have used the hashtag #instatravel or users who follow a big account such as @cristiano_ronaldo. Best if you select multiple target locations to make sure that the automation never runs out of new targets.

Step 5 - Regularily post interesting content

Keep posting stories, pictures and videos. Engage your followers with questions or provocative statements in the caption of your pictures.

Avoid selfies and low-value photos whenever possible.

Note: Important persons get photographed by others!

Bonus: Edit your pictures quickly with the Snapseed app before posting!

Step 6 - Enjoy the automatic growth of your account

Lean back, relax and open the Instagram app from time to time to check your follower growth as well as likes and comments coming in for your new pictures.

As your account is now approaching the top-10% of all Instagram accounts, you should be able to notice positive effects for your social life, online dating and much more as well.


Get one week of service for free!

You earn one week of free service for every friend that you refer to us. Simply tell them to mention your Instagram name during sign-up.

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